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DescriçãoGetBoarded is a personality focused platform for Talent Management. It predicts and provides future career opportunities for students using AI and Predictive talent analytics.
On Surveying University students on how confidently they knew what they are going to do? Just 16% had a 100% clarity. Students are more confused, opportunistic and driven by chance than ever before. Universities face challenges to keep up with the changing trends and industry demand. Talent management tools are missing to guide at last stage of student-market fit. 
3 out of 5 Companies face HR challenges with recruiting and retention. With 8 of 10 roles being filled with a less than 100% fitment. We provide custom Talent Management solutions & Hiring Innovations driven with data, research and reasonable predictions.

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                    Hiring Software - ATS

                    A simple plug-n-play ATS (applicant tracking system) for your company's careers page. A pilot opportunity for companies to test opportunity posting and applicant resume management for easiest document management.

                    Palavras-chave: CVresume managementATShiringjob postsopportunitiesemployer brandingjob matching
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                    Oferta & Procura

                    Talent Analytics Dashboarding - Culture Analysis

                    We offer solutions in in EdTech and HR industry.
                    We improve the pre-hiring and post-hiring HR processes of:
                    1. Hiring and Applicant Management
                    2. Fitments and Project mapping
                    3. Internal Succession Management
                    4. Employee self-service and self-development

                    Palavras-chave: talent managementsuccession managementtraining need analysisculture assessmentTeam Gaps
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                    Free Infographic Resumes, Alternate Career Opportunities

                    We are offering career services for students
                    1. DIY infographic resumes
                    2. Personality based career prediction
                    3. Alternative experience opportunities for students

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