Filipe Neto

Addrobotiks - Digital Labs

Bilateral Meetings

  • Friday 14:00-16:00
DescriptionStartup incubated in the Incubator of the University of Aveiro. We are developping a integrated product that englobes software/automation and 3d printing to create a digital solution to manage stock and quick manufacturing of products.
Organization Type Company
CityIlhavo, PCI - Via do Conhecimento , Ed.Central Google map
Areas of Activities




      Networking, cooperation and funding

      We expect to present our product and seek possible cooperation, business and investment with other companies or individuals

      Cooperation Offered
      1. Technical co-operation
      2. R&D cooperation
      Cooperation Requested
      1. Business
      2. Investment/Financing
      3. Technical co-operation
      4. R&D cooperation