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Bilateral Meetings

  • Friday 14:00-16:00
DescriptionLOAD is a digital innovation company, specialized in the research and development of new digital products, harnessing a multidisciplinary team, with a strong focus on design and usability. We are part of the Masters in Innovation group, European leaders in Innovation and Development of New Products. Load encompasses a transversal set of skills, which extends from Internet of Things support technologies, passing through software, hardware, e-services, and going into aspects of intelligent information, such as data analytics. This allows LOAD to target activities involving Big Data Representation, 3D with Virtual and/or Augmented reality, and more recently, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. This highly skilled and differentiated toolset allowed us to provide digital products aiming at improving communication, centralizing information and making it easily available, gathering and representing data for supporting decisions and, of course, better operational efficiency. LOAD is an ISO 13485 standard certified company, having a quality management system implemented under scope of this standard, which enables us to build medical devices. At Load we progress with a practical and pragmatic mindset, along with the capacity to scale whenever necessary. It provides a unique, creative, multidisciplinary and systematic approach for the idealization, selection, concept definition and technical realization.
Organization Type Company
CityAVEIRO, Avenida Dr Lourenço Peixinho Google map
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