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DescriçãoKlugit is an innovative plug that can be connected to any electric water tank, converting it into a smart one, Wi-Fi connected and smart-grid ready. For more info, please visit:  https://www.klugitenergy.com
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      Smart electric water heating

      Klugit is an innovative plug to be connected to any electric water tank, converting it into a smart device, Wi-Fi connected and smart-grid ready.

      Electric water tanks (EWS) waste a lot of energy in standby thermal losses (438 kWh/y for an 80L). Only in Europe there are around 20 mio EWS installed, representing around 9 TWh/y of electricty wasted.
      Additionally with the increasing penetration of renewable energy, the need for energy storage solutions will be ever more important.

      By installing Klugit and placing a simple temperature and vibration sensor in external contact with hot water pipe together with our artificial intelligence, we can learn your hot water usage routine and heat up water when you will actually need it. Additionally we connect your tank to Wi-Fi so now with our app you can know how much water you still have left, you can request additional hot water if you have friends sleeping over p.e., and you no longer have to find out that your tank is not working when you are already naked under the shower! We will simply send you a notification.

      More importantly klugit is the cheapest and quickest way to provide “peak shaving” services for utilities, since it converts electric tanks into smart grid energy storage devices, solving one of renewable energy problems. If there is a peak in electricity supply we can simple give an "on" signal to all our plugs, increasing this way electricity demand.

      Palavras-chave: smartiotenergy storagewater heatingsmart griddemand responsive
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